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A zest for knowledge and an enquiring mind are great attributes for a purposeful adult life. The ethos of Coláiste Chiaráin is to encourage our students to stretch the boundaries of their individual ability. A strong emphasis is placed on discussion, research and the use of resources to stimulate independent thinking.

Junior Cycle Curriculum

One of the virtues of being in a large school is the extensive range of subjects, unequaled in most other schools. At Junior Cycle, these include the subjects:
Core Subjects: English, Irish, Maths,Science, CSPE, SPHE, ICT, Religious Education, Physical Education
Language Options: French, German, Spanish, Italian
Optional Subjects: Art, Music, Home Economics, Applied Technology, Graphics, Engineering, Wood Technology, Geography, Business
All Junior Cycle students will study a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) Short Course along with one other from a diverse range of Short Courses unique to Coláiste Chiaráin.

Transition Year Programme

Participation in TransitionYear is optional. Form III students may progress to Form IV or FormV. A process of information evenings, student seminars and internal review is used to plan student progression for Form III students. The Coláiste Chiaráin Transition Year Plan strives to promote the mission statement of the school and that of the Department of Education. Our mission statement is the pursuit of excellence in all areas of school life, (academic, creative and practical), the nurturing of a friendly and caring environment allowing each student to develop his/her own natural talents and gifts and a recognition of our responsibility towards the wider community are the central goals of the Transition Year Plan.

Core Subjects English • Irish • Maths • Religious Education • Career Guidance • Physical Education
Language Options (Students choose one Language from the following) French • German • Spanish • Italian
Optional Subjects Students are afforded the opportunity to try out all option subjects through a Taster Programme before choosing 3 subjects from the following list which will be divided over 3 option lines.
Construction Studies • Music • Chemistry • Economics • Biology • Physics • Business Studies • Design & Communications Graphics • History • Home Economics • Engineering • Accounting • Art • Geography • Politics and Society.
Major Option Subjects (Students will choose from one of the following) Innovation Creativity & Entrepreneurship • Broadcasting • Software Engineering for Games and Programming • European Studies • Sports Science
Minor Option Subjects (Students will study all of the following in rotation during the Form 4 year) Social Education • Driving • Wellness • ICT • Sign Language • Chinese

Transition Year students will also have the opportunity to partake in programmes such as: The GAA Future Leaders, the Ambassadors Schools Programme, Gaisce,American Exchange, FAI Kick Start, Sci-Fest,Young Scientist etc.

Senior Cycle Curriculum

Core Subjects: English • Irish • Maths • Religious Education • Career Guidance • Enterprise Education & Preparation for the World of Work (LCVP) • ICT

Language Options (Students choose one Language from the following) French • German • Spanish • Italian

Optional Subjects (Students will study 3 of the following subjects, one from each of 3 Option lines.) Construction Studies • Music • Chemistry • Economics • Biology • Physics • Business Studies • Design and Communications Graphics • History • Home Economics • Engineering • Accounting • Art • Geography • Politics and Society • Computer Science

Other Programmes

At Coláiste Chiaráin we offer a wide curriculum in accordance with our mission statement. In addition to the traditional Leaving Certificate, Junior Cycle and Transition Year programme we also offer the following programmes:

 – Junior Certificate Schools Programme – Leaving CertificateVocational Programme – Leaving Certificate Applied Programme

Junior Certificate Schools Programme (JCSP)

The JCSP programme is an intervention within the Junior Certificate Programme. It provides a curriculum framework which assists the school and individual teachers in adopting a student-centred approach to the Junior Certificate. The Junior Certificate School Programme is based on the concept that all young people are capable of real success and that they can have a positive experience of school. The Junior Certificate School Programme has been designed to ensure that young people can benefit from their time in school and enjoy the experience of improvement and success.The emphasis on active learning and on the development of basic skills in the programme is highlighted.

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP)

LCVP is similar to the Traditional Leaving Certificate with the added opportunity to enhance business skills by taking a course in Enterprise Education, Preparation for Work and Information Technology. Students wishing to take the LCVP must include specific subject combinations in their choice of subjects for the Leaving Certificate.

Leaving Certificate Applied Programme (LCA)

The Leaving Certificate Applied programme is a two-year Leaving Certificate, available to students who wish to follow a practical or vocationally orientated programme.The Leaving Certificate Applied programme has been developed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, designed to cater for the diversity of participants’ needs.The fundamental goal of the Leaving Certificate Applied is to prepare Leaving Certificate participants for the transition from the world of the school to that of adult and working life.

Coláiste Chiaráin is a co-educational secondary school operating under the patronage of Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board.

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